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Today, Black Friday is the most important sales moment of the year , even surpassing the days before Christmas or Epiphany. There is a lot of gambling at this time of year », he confirms. The acceleration of e-commerce has fueled discovery across mobile and social platforms. Overall, there has New Zealand Phone Number been a 32% year-on-year growth in online shopping and 73% of people are interested in trying new ways to shop. In addition, consumers are adopting New Zealand Phone Number digital tools that allow them to connect with brands.

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For example, 72% of people see augmented reality as a fun way to interact with them. The 5 key steps to guarantee the commercial success of brands in times like Christmas In Spain, almost 60% are taking advantage New Zealand Phone Number of those “mega sales” days to find the purchases they want for the end of the year. From Facebook they have wanted to offer five key steps for brands to ensure that their strategy will have good results in those periods, such as Christmas. We leave them below.

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You have to combine the best of online and offline shopping in connected experiences to design the ideal hybrid experience. You need to take the guesswork out of offering discovery as a resource for finding what to New Zealand Phone Number give as a gift. We must take a clear position or the company will go unnoticed: it is crucial to have a purpose. “They have to communicate that purpose and engage with the consumer,” says José María González, who recommends the narrative for this.

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