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Discovery Commerce seeks to improve the Italy Phone Number personalization engine. Create an attractive image and surfaces to attract attention in the midst of all the existing offer and that they choose our brand to stay. “In addition, we make advertising tools available to. The user to Italy Phone Number make it relatively easy to go from discovery to purchase,” he then noted. After the director of Retail and Fashion at Facebook, it was the turn of finally Paul Smith. Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Who stopped to Italy Phone Number talk about how algorithmic business also thinking can encourage exploration. Experimentation and evolution in organizations.

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Putting special focus on the importance Italy Phone Number of people. “All those people in charge of marketing are the true translators of what lies between technology and customers, the ones responsible for Italy Phone Number a wise combination between humans and machines. In this way, the human factor must be what marks the success of companies in all the changes that occur «. During this first day of the event, a round table was also held to address Italy Phone Number the future of omnichannel commerce by Bosco Aranguren.

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Digital Director at Vodafone; Guillermo Italy Phone Number Barberá , Head of Media, Data and Loyalty Marketing at Samsung Electronics; and Javier Figar , Chief Retail Officer at AWWG. Guillermo beyond Barberá spoke of the importance of finding a balance on and off . “Now we also have more consumer Italy Phone Number data, which allows us to trigger messages or offers in a different briefly way that we didn’t know about before,” he said. For his part, Bosco Aranguren, Digital Italy Phone Number Director at Vodafone, explained that, immediately, digital went from being a marginal in conclusion channel to a single channel.

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