Know Your Topic And Keep The Following

To make a blog, or a page, a classic, you need to set aside time for research. You work on long blogs and they take more time to produce. You may have to go through several drafts or spend more time polishing and editing to make sure your blog Taiwan Phone Number or article is top-notch. Adjust your expectations about how many content classics you can publish. Most likely, unless you’re a full-time professional writer with no other commitments, you’ll only Taiwan Phone Number be able to produce a content classic once in a while. For the prolific writers among us, two to three times a week may be feasible. For the rest, that can vary from once a week to once a month. Don’t kick yourself if you produce less than usual.

Topic And Keep The Following

What you lack in quantity, you make up for in superior quality. 3. Reuse Don’t forget to squeeze everything out of your content through reuse. Content classics are an investment in search time and write time. If you don’t reuse your content across Taiwan Phone Number multiple media, you’re still racing the hamster wheel of content creation. 4. Patience Finally, be patient. It takes time to see the real results of classics, especially when you’re just starting out. You’re almost certainly not going to make it to the trendy viral articles numbers, even if you promote your articles as usual. You will reap the benefits after weeks and months. You get more traffic through your blog and by reusing your content.


Keep The Following

As you gain more followers, your classics will spread on their own. Ultimately, it becomes a self-reinforcing loop that builds a loyal fan base. All you need to do to keep the flywheel spinning is writing new content classics. The content classics checklist There’s a lot to keep in mind when writing content classics. That’s why you get a quick checklist: Determine the frequency of your content classics. Keep track of how often you publish them. Take into account a longer writing time. Think about whether you want to write them yourself or outsource the writing. Plan your entire writing process (from research to publishing on your blog or website). Start with keyword research to determine a good topic for a classic. Research how your competitors are writing content classics. Write, edit, craft.

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